Software Keyboard Apps

These are system level keyboards that allow users to type in their Indigenous language. Language learning is more successful and rewarding when it’s relevant. That means making your Indigenous language text messages, Tweets and Facebook posts usable across devices, operating systems and applications.

These keyboards ensure your language is being shared using UTF-8 encoded International Phonetic Alphabet characters—not English. This means learners can spend more time focusing on language use and less time deciphering others’ typing conventions: When they typed “l”, did they really mean ǂ, ɬ, ł or Ꮠ?

These are system level keyboards, meaning they replace your device’s keyboard. They are not note-taking apps or add-ons between the OS and the app. Essentially, they transform your apps into Indigenous language learning tools.

Please contact me if you’re interested in app development, maintenance and support services.