Throughout the 1900s academia established a pattern of favoring Western researchers’ interpretations of Indigenous experience over Indigenous researchers telling their people’s own stories. My research goal is to make sure that tribal organizations are able to gather their data, conduct rigorous analysis, tell their stories and contribute to research ethics decisions as full partners—not subjects. 

Indigenous Governance Gap Analysis, Ktunaxa Nation Council. 
  • This project matched Indigenous Services Canada needs to Indigenous resources. The gap analysis identified how far Ktunaxa values were from Federal initiatives. Project funded by Indigenous Services Canada.
xaȼqanaǂ ʔitkiniǂ (Many Ways of Working on the Same Thing), Interior Health.
  • This project explored Indigenous conceptualizations of health, with emphasis on connection and resilience. The conclusions served as blueprints for improved in-community health research. Project funded by Canada Institutes of Health Research. 
Exploring Reconciliation Through Community College Education – Ktunaxa Project Component.
  • This project explored community generated solutions for local educational partners to improve relationships with Indigenous communities. The conclusions were incorporated into Selkirk College‘s Indigenization plan. Project funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.