Irrealis is a project built on thought; it is the praxis of driving basslines, dark synths, haunting guitars and critical philosophy.

Language is the foundation of cooperation, and the realis/irrealis dichotomy focuses on the state of being as either factual or not. We use language to create social worlds in which we can either bring people together or tear them apart; we can connect others to social capital to empower them or we can disconnect them from the resources they may desperately need.

Irrealis is the mode of communicating where a certain situation, belief or action is not known to have happened; a speculation that a state of being is not yet fact or has not yet occurred. While all human cultures have the ability to communicate, not all individual communicators engage in meaning-making communication.

If meaning making refers to the process of exploring what agents do not yet know, then meaning making refers to agents communicating about, exploring or negotiating what they as a collective take as provable fact (realis) and that which may exist but is not yet known (Irrealis). What is it that you want to bring into existence via communication, exploration or negotiation?

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Released August 25, 2018. Music by Christopher Horsethief. All Rights Reserved, Irrealis Music. Cover Photo by Josie.